Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Children's Clothing Department

Why is it that when I walk down the clothing aisle at the store, my head is turned by what I see in the children's section? I see sparkles on skirts and go, "ooooo!" I see fringed tops and go, "aaaaah!" I see delightful patchwork dresses in bright colors and shiny fabric and go, "Why isn't that in my size?"
By contrast, the clothing in the women's department is just plain. Even when an attempt is made to sparkle things up, it's usually just by adding a few beads or a faint design outlined in semi-shiny ink. They just aren't interesting!
Maybe it's the kid in me. Or maybe it's the bird in me. My boys say I'm like a magpie, always going after sparkly things. Whatever it is, I put out a call to clothing manufacturers - make the children's sizes bigger, for big kids like me!

1 comment:

Anne Bradshaw said...

We just have to throw in a big, sparkly necklace or three, Shirley :-) Or sew on the sequins.

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