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Horse Laugh

Like a good daughter, I planned a visit to Mom for Mother's Day. I even called ahead, and she said she'd be there at 6:00. I happened to get there at 5:45, to find the house deserted. What the hey? Where could she be? It was Sunday, so there weren't a lot of options.
After a few minutes, I left her gift on her chair with a note and went out to my car when ZOOM! She pulled up to the house in her racing silver bullet van. Stepping out of the car and leaning on her cane, she said, "Sorry I wasn't here before. I was out feeding horses."
As my nephew said, "What kind of guy asks an 80 year old woman to feed his horses?!" (She's actually 85 this year.)
The answer is, she volunteered for the job!
That's my mom.

Mormon Mishaps and Mischief... WIN!

Do you like to laugh out loud? If not, you must be a rock, so what are you doing on the Internet?
This collection of zany and humorous incidents within the walls of the Mormon religion is good enough to take to church for a grown-up quiet book... no, wait... everyone would be laughing. Scratch that.
You should keep it by your bed, to read before you go to sleep... no, wait... it's hard to sleep while giggling. Never mind.
How about you get a copy just to love and read whenever the skies are gray and the sink is full of dishes? Yeah, that'll work!

The Mormon Mishaps and Mischief  Giveaway and Blog Tour!

In celebration of Mothers, and all they do for us, Mormon Mishaps authors C.L. Beck and D.N. Giles have put together a giveaway in conjunction with a week-long blog tour. If you aren’t interested in winning a fantastic advertising package valued at $150, you can stop reading now.

Wait, you’re still reading. That must mean you want to hear about our prize package, correct? Well. Okay t…

A Bag Lady and the Lady in Red

Yes, this is me with my classy friend, Tami. I am carrying luggage, she is cool and collected in her suave red dress. She is the original Lady in Red, I am a the Bag Lady. How fun to have variety in life!
I decided today that I need to make "Don't Worry Be Happy," my theme song. If I knew how to put songs on blogs, I would put that one on here. Since I don't know how, you can click this link and sing along. Don't Worry Be Happy by Bob Marley
Be happy, mon.